Therapy and Spirituality


Therapy and Spirituality …
hand-in-hand working together

Therapy provides a sacred space to feel sad, angry, confused, lonely, hopeless, lost (as well as grateful, lively, delighted) … and to know that God created us with feelings and that God remains with us as we struggle and feel. Honestly examining our lives, especially when trials are upon us, is a long-respected faith tradition.

You can be assured that in our work there will be no assumption that spiritual commitments are developmentally immature or an unhealthy opiate. Instead, we will be aware of how faith is commonly a central, positive resource for recovery and growth.

An effective therapy mediates and makes tangible qualities of relationship that are attributed to a relationship with a loving, caring God: open-hearted listening and accepting presence, caring for the good of another enough to accept conflict and hardship as part of the path to spiritual depth.

It has been said that the glory of God is a human being fully alive. Learning to know ourselves in therapy assists us in living more fully, with purpose, courage, and vitality.

Spirituality focuses on relationships — with God and with other people. Therapy helps us connect and love more satisfyingly.

Professional, effective and spiritually sensitive therapy is available. Is this a time for you to avail yourself of an opportunity for assistance in your journey of faith and life?